Hello I’m Bruce Violette

Here’s my story…


My background was primarily one of advertising and marketing, president of my own agency in the Pittsburgh, PA area. Our primary area of focus was media buying and web and video production. In the early 2000s I wanted to diversify our services and proceeded to open  a retail marketing center offering a one-stop marketing solution to area businesses. Long story short, our new business was a big hit right out of the gate and based on this success, we franchised the concept and built the franchise system to 35 locations in 16 states coast to coast in 3 short years. Looking back what an achievement-  from a little town in Western Pa. to a location in Beverly Hills! I think I’ll pat myself on the back right now! :-)


As you might imagine, going thru this process led me to gaining a great deal of expertise not only in franchising but in small business start up as well. I also made a ton of contacts within the franchise industry along the way!


Today as a Franchise Advisor,  I work with individuals all over the country looking to make the change necessary in their lives to get on a path of reaching their goals and dreams just like I had done. Any type of change is a scary thing and believe me, it scared the living daylights out of me making the change needed initially that put me on the path to where I am today.


Do you know what the single biggest thing is that prevents people from making the jump from employment to empowerment?  You guessed it!  Fear!  But guess what? The antidote to fear is information and that’s where I come in.


I have relationships with over 500 franchise and business opportunity companies and I know what’s hot out there and what’s not. One of the hottest trends today are Home Based Businesses.


They offer many advantages including:

Low start up costs!  - and lifestyle… being there to get your kids off to school or not sitting in traffic 2 hours a day! And I have many competitive finance options for your new small business including special programs for Veterans!


I work backwards from my clients income and lifestyle goals and via a very simple program that I’ve developed over the years – I evaluate their strengths, weaknesses & transferable skills and then I recommend to them only those opportunities that have the potential to enable them to reach their income & lifestyle goals.


I know what you’re probably going thru and I feel your pain!

Let’s Talk!  Bruce



Direct Line: 800.980.2040     |     Email: bruce@brucev.com